Lleon Group


This is Noel Gomes , Ceo and founder of LLeon Group.

With a background in finance, Noel has built up 20 years’ experience in major multinational businesses, working across different continents in a range of sectors.

Accustomed to complex and demanding environments, he believes that results are achieved through strength of commitment and team work. An optimist by nature, he fosters the harmonious professional surroundings that lead to profitable long-term relationships.

Noel understands that personal happiness is key to professional success, and aims to find a positive balance in his friends and family.

This is Mário Lopes , Ceo and founder of LLeon Group.

Having studied accountancy and business administration, Mario began his professional career in the entertainment, events and restaurant business. Over the past decade he has been involved in international trade, building bilateral relationships between countries with a particular focus on Asia and Africa.

Mario’s formula for success stems from a belief that professional challenges are best overcome through globalisation and an emphasis on interpersonal relationships.

His personal approach revolves around creating a holistic and sustainable vision, a philosophy he extends into the business world.